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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 27, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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♪ raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways ♪ good morning, america. and get ready because hollywood's biggest night -- >> thank you, academy, for giving me this. >> i love you! >> deserves one credible morning. >> good morning, america! >> good morning, america! >> good morning, america! >> we have it all. tonight's biggest winners and oscars' unforgettable moments. >> it's an enormous oscar. >> octavia spencer's win. and we create the best scene with the best actor with the best picture and "the artist's" jean dujardin. and don't forget about the
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jaw-dropping, daring all fashions. it's the oscar's afterparty. ♪ [ applause ] ♪ good morning, america! we're coming back to you live from the majestic el capitan, right across the street from where the oscars took place last night. we have been up all night long, with all this excitement. george, i'm sure you were, too. >> absolutely, robin.
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we are raising a big glass. it is coffee. but we watched in bed last night. every single minute. you looked fabulous. the show was great. >> oh, thank you. we had just a fabulous time out there on the red carpet. my thanks to marc bouwer, he was the one who designed that gown. cinderella at the ball. struck midnight, and it was all over. i had great company with me, george. i wish you were here as well. lara spencer, were you killing on the red carpet. >> george, i heard time and time again from major celebrities, robin roberts for best dressed. >> oh. [ applause ] >> that's very, very kind. >> such a great night. such a great morning. >> you've got a lot going on. >> i am very excited about the "gma" afterparty. who needs sleep. >> chris connelly this year, some really great acceptance
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speeches last night. >> amazing. what do you like on oscars night, a little comedy? a little controversy? a couple of heartfelt acceptance speeches? done. done and done. >> and the oscar going to meryl streep "the iron lady." >> reporter: so much for the streets of broken dreams. with the best actress win for "the iron lady." first her actress but the first since hill was born. meryl streep on to oscar stage. >> you know, just inexplicably wonderful career. thank you so much. >> reporter: when it came to kiss, last night, the academy awards bestowed a few french awards. with "the artist" taking home five oscars, including best picture and best director to michel hazanavicius. >> i want to thank you -- i am not sure if you understand what
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i'm saying. >> jean dujardidujardin. >> reporter: this actor would make himself understood in any language. with "the help's" octavia spencer overcome with emotion. getting ready for a joke. >> thank you, academy, for putting me with the hottest guy in the room. >> reporter: one of the hottest women in the room, jennifer lopez melted it down with the gown. >> with "the dictator" -- >> reporter: sascha baron cohen arriving as the dictator. >> christopher plummer.
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>> reporter: 82-year-old christopher plummer. ♪ it's a wonderful night >> reporter: billy crystal turned back the clock. on a night where just about everybody was a comedian -- >> let's dance. ♪ >> reporter: was the quietest picture making the biggest noise. >> i love your country. [ laughter ] >> boy, that guy gets farther with fewer words in english than anyone else than a 5-month-old child or something. he's amazing. >> we'll share that later. but first, the leading ladies that i saw backstage after walking off with oscar. >> when they called my name, i had this feeling i could hear half of america going "oh, no. oh, come on, why?
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her, again." you know? but, whatever. [ laughter ] >> you, meryl streep, you're a three-time oscar winner. >> yeah. i know. >> not many folks can say that. >> i know. i know. it's an enormous honor. it's really the people who gave me the award and how much fun you have. it's a dirty secret, it's really fun. >> many men have underestimated me before. they're bound to do the same but they will rue the day. >> reporter: widely regarded as the actress of the generation brought a flurry of critical acclaim. as always, her accent was genuine. and her look spot on. she had a little help with that.
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you were able to acknowledge people who are here who work with you who won an oscar tonight. >> yes. >> reporter: that had to be special? >> that guy, he really worked every single thing. he did my hair tonight. look at the sweat. >> reporter: her hair -- she jumps up and down. she was as excited if not more so with that oscar right there. >> i broke it -- i had a wardrobe malfunction. >> reporter: i did that on "good morning america," we did a homage and i became you. >> i did the hat i did the hat. . >> reporter: from better meryl streep to oscar newcomer octavia
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spencer whose win for best supporting actress brought tears to everyone's eyes including her own. >> and help them. >> reporter: a standing ovation, that doesn't happen every time in the theater. >> i think they were happy that i didn't fall. >> how does this change life or does it? >> in the words of sally field, they love me. it's wonderful! oh, let it out. i just, you know, i felt that my life changed when i played this character because i really started to get the importance of the little things in life. this is one of those big things, you know. i won't take it lightly. it's just going to make me work that much harder to make me feel
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like i earned it. >> you forever will be known as oscar winner octavia spencer. >> i'm sorry -- this guy is going to stay on the pillow next to me tonight. >> i don't think she slept tonight. i don't know if oscar was on her pillow. what day is it, last night, tonight? octavia spencer will be here live later on this morning right here with us. so, wow, we're looking forward to that. what are you going to take away? >> i think they should just rename the best actress oscar the meryl streep award. they should give the meryl streep award every year. she's that good. it's great to see her get that acclaim once more. >> i love how she made a point of thanking her husband first. she was terrified the music might play. i just wanted acknowledge the many years of support. and octavia, every channel i turned to, she was doing
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interviews, so gracious. clearly has been up all night. so excited. >> we cannot wait. in the meantime, let's go back to new york, josh elliott. the other top stories. we do begin this morning with breaking news overnight from afghanistan. the taliban is claiming a suicide bombing at a military airport in the eastern part of the country was revenge for the burning of korans byis troops. nine people were killed, all of them afghani. meantime, the hunt is on for an afghani driver who murdered two others thursday. ten others injured in a week of violence there. and word overnight, b.p. is in talks to settle damages from the gulf oil spill for 13 billion. a federal judge postponed today's simple trial toal allow time for a settlements to be reached. and this morning, investigators are trying to determine why this train headed
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from niagara falls to toronto derailed. a freight train recently derailed on the same track. and a midair scare on a southwest airlines flight from baltimore to long island. people started panicking because they thought they heard the pilot say "bomb on board." turns out he was actually wishing happy birthday to a mom on board. the pilot later clarified his message. turns out, you can't take away a mistaken bomb warning. however mistaken, they still complained when they landed. >> mom on board? >> mom on board. >> josh, thanks very much. now to politics. a critical day in the white house. romney versus santorum, tuesday, in the battleground of michigan. could it be the tipping point. abc's john berman is here with
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"your voice your vote." >> if this were a best picture nominee, it would absolutely be extremely loud and incredibly close. >> reporter: you could tell when rick santorum mocked romney for being resolute. >> maybe he doesn't understand what resolute means. >> reporter: mitt romney told stories about his underage kiss with his wife nearby anne. i actually kissed her there. >> reporter: and rick santorum -- >> he said he did it to take one for the team. look, my team are the people are the michigan. >> reporter: both candidates played the nascar card to woo blue collar voters. and daytona 500, look at that,
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santorum actually sponsored a car. both are in a fight for their political lives in michigan. romney was born there. a loss would be devastating. and santorum is having to defend statements some find controversial. on "this week" justifying it, elitist to say all kids should go to college. >> we have real problems with college campuses with political correctness, with an ideology that is forced upon people who may not agree with the political left doctrine. >> reporter: and mitt romney saying the other day his wife drives two cadillacs and listen to his answer when asked if he's a nascar fan. >> not as closely as some of the most ardent fans. but i have friends who are nascar team owners. >> george, one sign rick santorum is here to say. abc has confirmed that this week, santorum has secret
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service protection. turning now to the mysterious disappearance of a florida firefighter last seen in maine more than a week ago. police now suspect foul play and they're questioning the last two to see the father alive. >> reporter: for the family and friends searching for jerry p perdo perdomo, it was the worst kind of news. the father of two mysteriously vanished seven days ago. his car found in this parking lot. on sunday, police searched this home. it belongs to the father of 24-year-old daniel porter. he and his girlfriend cheyenne nowak may have been the last to see perdomo. porter and nowak reportedly left town after perdomo disappeared, bought a used car and abandoned the one they had been driving. police questioned them but has
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not called them suspects. >> it's concerning, but at this point, we're going to find him. >> reporter: over the weekend, firefighters from perdomo's florida firehouse travelled to maine to help in the search. they don't believe he left on his own. >> he always talks and brags about his family, his kids and his wife. he's got that glimmer in his eye when he talks about them. this is totally uncharacteristic of him. >> reporter: perdomo's family spent the entire weekend searching less than a mile where the car was found. >> never in a million years would i think i'd be searching for my missing brother. >> reporter: every day questions, one woman has come forward anonymously saying he was visiting her. and what does nowak, a woman considered a person of interest mean by this facebook post. i'm sorry for your loss. i'm sorry your friend is missing but i can do nothing further. you see the missing sign right
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on the tree behind me. perdomo's wife said her husband made the 1,600-drive all the way here to help out a friend. george. >> thanks, linsey. let's get weather. good morning, everybody. we're going to start with of the fact it was this close, this close to have a rainy bad oscar night because the rain really moves in and so does snow. heavy rain and more than close to an inch, if not more than that all the way to ocean side. 55 in pittsburgh. 61 in washington, d.c. 55 in new york. that's after the chilly start. you've got nice temperatures there.
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this is a live look into temperatures and there is a chill in the air. degrees in winchester and 37 downtown. bright sunshine today andblatures will warm of breezy edill be times. so the highs today dress in layers because you will a few layers. in the 30's >> all of america's weather in the next half hour. but now from the east coast to the west coast, robin, you guys just squeaked it out. i mean, just barely kept that weather nice for the night.
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>> whoo, we just got by, sam. you are right. i miss you so much. you guys are my leading men of "gma." i got to talk to other leading men. there's nothing quite like hearing your name after the phrase "and the oscar goes to." i had a chance to talk to some of the beaming men moments after they collected their academy award. >> you're only two years older than me, darling, where you have been all my life. >> 82, 84. oh. that was a long time coming, but you could tell by the response you received tonight -- it was received from the hear >> i'm a stage actor. i don't live out here so that was particularly warming. >> i have a confession to make. when i first emerged from my mother's womb, i was already rehearsing my academy acceptance speech. >> what does this mean to you?
7:19 am
>> it means a great deal, of course. i don't go around all my life thinking about an oscar, because if you did, you'd never get anything done with your career or anything else. when it happens, it comes with a sort of huge knockout surprise. itle rejuvenates your career a bit. >> i don't think your career needed rejuvenating? >> well, it helps. it reminds people you that still have a pulse. >> reporter: from 82-year-old christopher plummer now the oldest winning actor ever to jean dujardin. >> i'd say [ speaking french ] merci beaucoup, i love you! his name is oscar. ♪
7:20 am
♪ >> reporter: what does it mean? >> it's a love. it's a love. a love from america. it's an honor, too much for me. too much for me. >> no. >> yes. >> no. for an actor, for a french actor. >> no, no. >> yes. >> no. i was very chippy, and now i'm chippy but i'm also -- >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> enjoy the nice.
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would define you as a true leader. to hold over 80,000... well that would make you... the creators of the 2012 mercedes-benz e-class... quite possibly the most advanced luxury sedan ever. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> the time is 7:26 on this morning, february 27. two firefighters were seriously fire intling a house riverdale and they are starting
7:27 am
long road to recovery. together and they saw each other yesterday. was burned over 40% of his the others suffered his throat. five other firefighters were byt after being overwhelmed a flash fire. metro will hold a first of six public hearings on proposed fare night and the whatit as he wants to hear about fares back hikes this summer. there will be more hearings over next few days. newschannel 8 will have more on those stories coming up in a few minutes. let's get a quick check on the g commute with lisa baden. there was a crash in bowie on near 197.nd there has been a long standing wreck near the telly gate at fort belvoir. we'll take it to a live picture of traffic in virginia in springfield with normal volume
7:28 am
maryland, and ride in the sunshine. we have a bright sunshine all y long with a few scattered clouds. i had of the front that will in, we will warm up nicely. now, 24 and will warm uput we lower 60's later today a nice southwesterly wind. to mark, the wind shifts and we lower 50's and by wed.. we will be back at 7:56. oh will you grab us some yoplait?
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[ applause ] ♪ we're tearing it apart part part part you know we're superstars we like who we are ♪ so many superstars that we saw last night, lara. good morning, america. welcome back to the el capitan theater in hollywood. our biggest "gma" oscars' afterparty ever. the memorable moments of the night, meryl streep to octavia spencer. you're going to hear from her live later on this morning. and there was a lot of controversy on the red carpet as well. sacha baron cohen finally -- >> did he go there?
7:31 am
>> he did go there. it happened. we saw him, it was like slow motion. we'll discuss that. also, we want to talk fashion, of course. the super bowl of fashion, frankly. there were some hits. there were some misses. we're going to talk about the daring dress that jennifer lopez wore. did she show too much? that is the question. we will decide. i'm sure the boys will be weighing, in the muppets. >> you're going to get to the bottom of that and so much more. george? >> that was a hot debate in our haas last night, guys. also, looking forward to octavia spencer. we do begin with the confrontation between robert kennedy's youngest son and two nurses. douglas kennedy said he simply wanted to take this 3-day-old boy douout for air. there he is there when the nurses try to stop him. >> good morning to you. agency you know, the kennedys have a knack for making
7:32 am
headlines both for public service and scandals. in this case, it's playing out in both the tabloids and the courts. >> reporter: the whole ruckus unfurled right here on this surveillance video. you can see douglas kennedy walking down the hallway of this maternity ward with his newborn baby named beau swaddled in his arms. stepping back for a moment douglas kennedy is tenth and youngest son of robert kennedy. his wife molly had a c-section two days before this incident january 7th. the new father had decided that his baby needfresh air. he goes first for the elevator but the nurses on the ward stop him from leaving. arguing he doesn't have the doctor's permission to leave. meanwhile, kennedy heads for the
7:33 am
stairwell. this is where it gets ugly. just watch. you can see kennedy lifts a leg and the nurse falls back on the ground. look at it again. the nurse falls flat on her back. according to a lawyer for the nursing, he, mr. kennedy, twisted the arm of one. and while the other tried to secure the newborn's bobbing head, mr. kennedy kicked her in the pelvis propelling her in the air. kennedy's lawyer rejected that story entirely. >> douglas begins to move back, and one of the nurses actually goes to grab the baby. how dare she does that. at that point, douglas raises his knee only to protect the baby, for no other reason. >> reporter: kennedy has pled guilty to one charge and two churches of harassing the nursing. they're getting support from a potentially influential witness. an emergency room doctor who
7:34 am
works at the hospital and is a friend of the family. he was there and says the nurses were, quote, the only aggressors. however, the attorney for the nurses is out with a new statement claiming he has a new witness backing his clients and that mr. kennedy had a history of unusual behavior while his wife was in that hospital. so it's back and forth. >> thanks, dans. back to robin and lara in los angeles. hey, robin. >> george, a lot of the oscar winners are still celebrating. before they hit the party scene, i had a chance to speak to them backstage, just moments after they won last night. >> will ferrell, colin. yes, that's tom cruise and natalie. oh my. hollywood's biggest stars moments after they stepped off the stage, and i had a front row
7:35 am
seat. sean diddy combs stopped by, about a high school football team. combs was one of the producers. >> i'm here to support in the background. like a background singer. i have big plans for these guys. they have never won an oscar with me on their team and hung out with me for 48 hours. i do not know where they'll end up in the next 72 hours. >> your night is only beginning. but look at this right here. look at this. may i? >> yes. >> just tell me when they announced that you were the oscar winner, what was the first thing that went through your mind? >> t.j. martin -- >> this insane, i'm going to have a stroke. >> what does this mean for you? >> right off the bat, i'm half
7:36 am
black with that said, i'm humbled, i'm honored, imindebted to those, the frederick douglass of the world. without the benchmark that they have achieved, nothing of this seems impossible. >> also backstage, i caught up with "bridesmaids" melissa mccarthy -- >> i'm here! >> you were one of the bright spots. >> oh. >> really. listen -- listen, my parents are here.
7:37 am
>> you are so flexible. >> i know. i'm flexible. i'm not that flexible. or i'd be in the hospital. >> i hope you all had a good time tonight. >> that was such a funny moment. melissa was just adorable. i talked to her on the red carpet. she was there with her mom. we did the nominees, they were holding hands. >> i got to meet her husband as well. they were having a family affair. gut you know, something like that, you want to bring, you want to succeed. and she sure has. >> let's get back to sam in new york. what's going on there, sam? >> hey, robin and lara, i don't want to say we've changed things around since you've been gone but we but barca loungers behind the scene, is that all right? >> you guys want the man cave so bad, just go for. >> this used to be known as your dressing room.
7:38 am
think furry carpets. and they just told me all this chat is coming from my time. let's get to the boards. that storm system that brings the rain from california will also bring a big hit of mountain snow. we'll show you pictures from mimi minot, north dakota. we're going to double it by the next snowmaker by tuesday, by wednesday and thursday, it moves into new england and gets set up as well. here's your temperatures by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday. you see they're dropping from today assess 55 in new york city. also boston by wednesday, it's getting down to 33. remember, that's a wednesday into thursday. snowmaker for new e cold and only 24 degrees in but 37burg right now the district and we nicely today. the high temperatures will be in with a little sunshine and breezy and in the
7:39 am
>> all of that weather was brought to you by christian dior. oh, robin, back to you on the west coast. >> all right, sam. coming up, we're going to see lara out son ton the red ca and talk about j. lo's daring dress. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] ready for a taste of what's hot?
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[ applause ] ♪ > gwyneth paltrow who looked spectacular to all visions in white on the red carpet. many of hollywood's biggest names ditched the bright bold colors and just went for it, full tilt, black and white. >> reporter: this is it. the super bowl of fashion. and here on the oscar red carpet, the competition was red hot. >> who are you wearing? >> marchesa. >> givenchy.
7:44 am
>> i knew it! >> reporter: an oscar must-have. from gwyneth's cream gown, but these ladies chose to make a splash with color. michelle williams in louis vuitton. and who could forget this actress' shimmering dress. and the daring number, what about that slit? revealing a certain right leg that now has its own twitter page. even i was let in on say few red carpet secrets. you look good in the gold. >> she does, doesn't she. >> she cleans up nicely. >> who are you wearing? >> a tuxedo. >> by? >> a young guy called giorgio armani. >> who are you wearing? >> no underwear.
7:45 am
>> how many pairs of spanx? >> only one tonight. >> you have a james bond thing going on? >> i should agree with you. the first mexican james bond. how's that? >> reporter: who knew these long trains are fear inducing? >> here's the problem for me. is. >> what's the problem? >> everyone's dress is so long, and if you step on it by accident. >> somebody was standing on my train for ten minutes. i just stood there. >> reporter: there are no strangers on this day. these oscar gals are all oscar pals. >> you guys know octavia? >> we do. >> you're like oscar buddies. >> we've known for years. >> reporter: and yes, one love connection. >> can i introduce you, do you know berenice, the star of "the
7:46 am
artist"? >> no. >> i'm trying to make introductions. >> i'm ready. >> i already have my -- two step kids, really. >> we'll talk later. >> reporter: one thing is clear, for this bridesmaid, walking down that aisle has felt like a dream. >> i felt like i hope i don't wake up. it's really -- it's really something. >> love that red carpet and so much more coming up. including joshl wi with a speci edition "the play of the day." were going on vacation, i so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline,
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here's "the play of the day"! >> the movies -- the dust-up, you have to see to believe, and i just wonder, guys.
7:51 am
sacha baron cohen, "the dictator" the upcoming film. ryan seacrest live on tv. the academy briefly banned him from the red carpet altogether, anticipating this. what exactly did you expect from a guy who -- i thought last night, he's like -- >> he keeps on talking, ryan. he doesn't lose it at all. >> to let him bring ashes on the red carpet. >> red carpet hits and misses next. you think you're healthy? brought to you by osteo bi-flex. go to "good morning america" on yahoo! for the healthy answer. i wouldn't do that. get married? no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. nice ring. knock it off.
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[ applause ]
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. the time is 7:56 and as monday morning, february 27. council here for my non probably played a role in the f former councilman harry thomas jr.. prosecutors say harry thomas the corporation to still than $350,000. the council wants to know how that fact went undetected. two local universities are on morning.s a university of maryland student find a yesterday to
7:57 am
her and earlier, university student was assaulted near campus. newschannel 8 will have an in- theh report coming up at hour but let's find what is happening on the road with lisa baden. was an accident this tulley gate ate fort belvoir. allow extra time on route 13 the area. there was an accident at bally route -- at the bowie on route 50. we begin with virginia and the beltelays leaving duke street. is upstream closer to the on 395 which is fabulous with no delay. bright sunshine all over the place. a beautiful day, 37 degrees in but 28 at dulles airport and 25 in cumberland.
7:58 am
temperatures are on the school start this afternoon, it e beautiful and it will feel like spring. a little breezy at times and tomorrow and rain by wed.. we will be back at 8:27.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ so raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways ♪ good morning, america. and the party's just getting started. >> good morning, america. >> hello, "good morning america." >> we've got the big winners from hollywood's biggest night. meryl taking home their third oscar. and first time winner, octavia spencer here live after bringing the crowd to its feet. >> thank you, academy. and the fashions. angelina. jennifer. gwyneth. viola. who ruled the red carpet? our oscar fashion dream team crowns the night's best dressed. the parties inside the swankiest
8:01 am
celebrations. and kelly ripa live from the oscar stage before her biggest show ever. raise your glass, america. it's "gma's" biggest afterparty! ♪ raise your glass [ applause ] >> good morning, america, indeed! from hollywood, our biggest oscar afterparty yet. the fun is just getting started. ladies and gentlemen, octavia spencer, so emotional winning her first oscar last night. somebody tells me that she is here with us now live. [ applause ] and we're going to hear from octavia. there she is. >> oh. >> you haven't let oscar out of your sight? she is clutching oscar.
8:02 am
we're going to hear from octavia. >> i bet no sleep. and looking spectacular. can't wait for that. also, you know it's not all about the awards. it's also about the glitz and the gowns. we love talking about that. who rocked it who maybe not so much. the glam squad on the race to weigh in on the sizzle to fizzle. blues two gentlemen who are never at a loss for words from the muppets. you guys had a big night, congratulations. >> wonderful, yeah. >> what did you think of last night? >> well, you know, it's hollywood, everybody is extremely loud and incredibly obnoxious. in other words, our kind of beam. >> i'll never forget as long as i live. >> lucky for us that shouldn't be much longer. >> looking forward to weighing in with you later, boys. thank you. >> let's get back to new york and george. >> we get to follow the muppets, josh. >> it's not easy, no.
8:03 am
but let's get to the news. we're going to begin with the gas prices rising overnight again. up another penny to an average of $3.70 nationwide. san diego, the highest gas price, $4.24. denver the cheapest at, major airlines implementing the third collective of the year. meanwhile, one day after the trial was postponed in the possible settlement. bloomberg is reporting that b.p. and the residents and businesses are claiming damages close to $14 billion settlements. in afghanistan this morning, a suicide bomber killed at least nine people at a military airport. the taliban calls it revenge for
8:04 am
the killing of u.s. troops. to politics, rick santorum to mitt romney. in the battle of their collective lives. today, both will campaign in michigan. if romney should lose the state where he was born, it could be a tipping point. but a new gallup poll shows that either candidates could actually beat president obama in the two battle ground states because health reform there is so unpopular. nearly two dozen passengers returned to california after being robbed at gunpoint during a cruise to mexico. they were on a bus excursion to puerta vallarta when robbers stopped their bus and stole their money and passports. doctors are recommending 11 and 12-year-old boys as well as girls get the h.p. vaccine. the american academy of pediatrics say only 30% of girls
8:05 am
have received it thus far. that's why they're expanding it to include boys as well. the next time you go ice fishing, sam, try to avoid parking too close to the fishing. did you see that? 32 cars swallowed whole by a frozen lake. officials said they actually had to park on the ice because there was no more spots in the parking lot which is a problem when there's no actual ice to park on. >> but if you drive in, you get more fish. >> and it's easier to get the fish out. >> let's get "pop news" from lara. >> good morning, george. hi, guys. i missed you all very much. here we go with oscar-version "pop news." big surprises at the show, starting with justin bieber.
8:06 am
biebs popped up from a scene from "midnight in paris." the biebs in one of the movies, we say never say never. and oprah winfrey turning the tables on herself on jimmy kimmel's afterparty. a funny spoof from oprah. so it turns out she has a mean left hook. we see her punching out all of her book club guests. >> book club fight club! >> and her own version of the fight club. you've got to check it out. it's gone viral. it's very, very funny. and we want to end with a bang today. will ferrell and zach galifianakis. they turn the awards into a
8:07 am
cymbal-crashing, to the muppet movie "man and muppet." guys, they were nice enough to give me, i have props and i also have you boys, so for you -- >> they warned me to turn my hearing aid down. >> first thing i've heard in 30 years. >> have you guys been celebrating the muppets' big win? >> yes, i thought it was the gop primary. >> sure. sure. >> all right. guys, we're going to wrap up "pop news" and head back to sam champion, back to new york. young man, this is the first time i've seen anybody bring a guitar. tell me your name. >> bobby. >> tell me why you're holding this guitar because you're good at this. ♪
8:08 am
>> all right, bobby! wail on that guitar! let's get to the board a few things happening this morning. pictures out of florida, from this picture from daytona. i'm thinking this is the first time they have ever delayed the daytona 500 due to rain and they're trying to get to it today but let me show you what happens with that. that front doesn't really want to leave the central florida area. it's south georgia all the way through florida today. there's more showers. that rain is really in the way until 2:00 this afternoon and may go a little bit longer so it's still a very soaking wet day. our apologies who is sitting there waiting for nascar to take off in the middle of central florida. here's where the air is chilly this morning but gets better throughout the day. we've got the big snowmaker. ladies and gentlemen, the bright sun shine in this over fairfax, 36
8:09 am
degrees there and elsewhere we the 30's with a few 20's. we are already up to 40 in the district and temperatures are climb todayg to lower 60's this afternoon. there will be a taste of spring later this afternoon and a little breezy at times and tomorrow cooler and areas of >> all that weather was brought to you by viva paper towels. deborah, right? >> yes. >> there's rumors that there's pastries over here. you actually got on tv because you brought the pastries. lara! >> you see, my lips -- hi, octavia!
8:10 am
[ applause ] >> we'll talk about that and so much more. plus, oscars' red carpet ride, who walked the red carpet in style. who took a fashion misstep. the glam squad is on it. kelly ripa is with us live. we're going to see her. and we're go doing dish the oscars so stay with us here on "good morning america." what's this? [ male announcer ] quaker oatmeal squares
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8:15 am
brought to you by hulu plus. >> ready, girl? ♪ process. look at this. one of the most popular winners last night with an incorrect ovation was octavia spencer who won the oscar for best supporting actress in "the help." help me say congratulations to oscar winner octavia spencer! [ cheers and applause ] >> there's no "applause" sign going nap was from the heart. you said you were going to put this little fellow on your pillow. did he even get to a pillow?
8:16 am
>> i did, but he laid across my lap. i wouldn't let him get too far. >> has it sunk in? >> no, it's one of those things i'm on adrenaline right now. i'm so elated. i can't believe -- these guys haven't gone teegto bed either. i love it! >> you can remember anything about last night? >> the only thing i remember, christian bale, he was saying a name, i thought, is there anybody's name that begins with a vowel, like "o"? sand everythings was like white noise it was -- don't fall down. >> and this is what somebody said, you know, it was the oscar that you won. you had all the time that you needed. and you thought they were going to give you the bum's rush. no, honey, you were the oscar
8:17 am
winner, you could stay up there as long as you wanted. and it seems like you can't understand that you are at the forefront now. >> oh, you know what, i see myself as, you know, just as a link in the chain. we had a very strong and beautiful chain. it was the most amazing cast and crew. you never see yourself as the forefront. i hope i never start seeing myself as the forefront. but it was pretty -- the most spectacular night of my life. >> well, i have to say pretty spectacular was "the help." the entire cast and the movie itself. >> thank you. >> you really feel even though it's from the '60s that it resonates today. why? >> i think people realize we have much work to do in our country. and it's still so taboo to talk about racial relations and relations with regard to women's issues and all these other issues that we have, and it's relatable. you can find something of yourself within each of these
8:18 am
characters. so that's perhaps why. >> you are minny. they talk about the character. and you are a fabulous actress, but that comes naturally. >> it comes naturally, it's all the other stuff of her that i had to find. but the sass is no problem. none. >> there were signs we had up there about pie. "don't eat the pie." >> you can eat the pie. you may not want for know what's in it, but you can eat it. >> but we felt it was one of those iconic moments in a film. and to show his respect, cameron mathison, he wanted to bring you some pie. >> oh, i love it. >> it's from -- i need to say where it's from. [ applause ] >> this is for you. >> thank you, cam. >> for you. enjoy. >> it is from the republic of pie here in west hollywood.
8:19 am
it's chocolate. do you like chocolate? >> i love chocolate. what's in this pie? [ laughter ] >> congratulations. >> oh that is -- [ applause ] >> that is pretty good. >> can we get that to go? >> you have to go because you got to go over to kelly. >> well, i'm going to eat that in bed. that's where i want it to go. >> congratulations. i'm going to bring in our fashion guru. somebody that you said you wanted to thank. brad, brad, brad, come out here. hello, suzie, hello, brad. >> hi. >> come on in. brad, you all season long have been saying how wonderful this woman has looked on the red carpet. >> i love her. she did not disappoint.
8:20 am
>> thank you. >> beautiful. stunning, gorgeous, shimmering, flawless as always. [ applause ] >> we're going to talk about this. give our love to kelly. >> i will. >> i know all the folks back in alabama, you said you want to give a shout out to your mom. >> well, my mom passied away. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> she passed away 18 years, it's been a while. i don't know what i said yesterday. i know i didn't say thank you to disney, that will haunt me the rest of my life. and my mom. thank you to her. >> thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> you look stunning. >> suzie looks great. oh, my gosh, suzie. don't you feel underdressed, octavia, with suzie coming out with that. >> let's take a seat. >> oh, you had to drop in the
8:21 am
name. >> good morning. >> that was a theme we saw last night was the white and the pastels and the lighter colors. >> yes, absolutely. octavia, shimmering, gorgeous, goddess. white everywhere. so many people wearing it. shailene woodley, gwyneth paltr paltrow. >> amazing. of course, who looked the best in white last night? >> you. >> robin roberts! >> you. [ applause ] >> you looked gorgeous. >> thank you. thank you. >> beautiful. >> i felt bad because you had said you wanted to see me in red and showing some leg. i didn't want to disappoint you. >> you were on trend. beautiful. >> thank you. >> who else did you see? gwyneth, you really liked her look, didn't you? >> i did. i thought gwyneth looked absolutely stunning and flawless. i ululd say for me probablyy top three picks were jessica
8:22 am
chastain and definitely gwyneth paltrow, but there was so much white on the carpet that was definitely hot, hot, hot. >> and your top? >> mine would definitely be rooney mara. >> really. >> i thought she looked amazing. i don't know if you know, robin, everyone in europe copied her. all were inspired by her. it was a very simple dress. she had the great dramatic hair. bold lips. a symbol of gorgeous givenchy dress. i thought that was amazing. and the asymmetrical dress, i thought that was something anybody can wear. lastly for me, michelle williams, i thought that dress and the bright color red that was spectacular. >> there's your red, brad. >> i loved michelle williams,
8:23 am
she was my number three along with jessica chastain and gwyneth paltrow. stunning. >> meryl, with the shimmering, too. meryl streep. >> i just thought, meryl loves the long sleeves. it's kind of the thing that she does on the carpet. this gown, and so much skin. we almost had a peekaboo moment there. meryl, what are you doing? my goodness. >> it just framed her face so beautifully. the cameras are panning in on you. they're not just dressing for themselves. >> and the gold on gold. >> i thought it was chic. we asked our viewers at home who they thought was the best dressed. it was jessica chastain. that was a good look. overall, were you pleased with
8:24 am
what you saw on the red carpet? >> you know, i was. the ones that were very strong, gwyneth's dress will go down in history as one of those iconic dresses. >> and michelle williams. >> i really liked viola davis. we talk about color, that was something that popped. she's been doing very well, too. >> vera wang dress and the earrings. they perfectly worked with the dress. >> i liked all the elements of design on this dress. the beading, it was perfectly sculpted to her body. and her hair. >> i loved the natural hair, too. i was excited that she decided to go natural. >> i thought penneelope cruz
8:25 am
looked beautiful -- come on, brad! >> a spanish grace kelly. >> i thought the hair was a little too period. with the hollywood moment, she knows how to serve it. for me, i wish the hair was more relaxed. >> i'm not a fan of matching the bag with the dress ever. however, she did look cute. >> don't say that because i said that. >> that's the fantasy right there, though. that's what everybody wants to to see. >> that is what everybody wants to see. can we get a shot of brad's shoes. you always bring a little something. i love it! >> glitter. >> what are we going to do, the awards season is over? what are you going to remember most from all the red carpets? >> for me, you know, i'm going to remember gwyneth in that cape. you know, nobody else can give a
8:26 am
fashion moment like that and work a cape on the carpet and take it off and have a beautiful simple dress with a structural shoulder. a gorgeous cut. minimum makeup. for me, this was just like -- i kind of like fell down on the couch. oh, my god, gwyneth, you did it again. >> yet again. >> great. she looked absolutely spectacular. and, of course, rooney mara, i have to tell you, this is going to be coming to a mall near you. everyone is copying her. she is just directional. >> for me, for rooney, it's all about the eyebrows. i lover the eyebrows. >> she is a designer's dream. >> thank you, robin. >> having you on the "gma" team, brad, thank you. >> thank you so much. i love being here.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. morning @ 8:27 on this morning. gas prices are still rising. the average price of gas has jumped 18 cents over the last weeks to $3.69 per gallon. averagerts in d.c. the is $3.83. in maryland, it is $3.67 and in virginia, $3.61 per gallon. two firefighters were critically on friday while battling fire in riverdale and are beginning a long recovery. they saw each other yesterday and one suffered from burns and 40% ofer was burned over
8:28 am
body. newschannel 8 has an in-depth report at 8:30. let's check in -- let's check in with lisa baden. there is a broken down train glenmont at the bethesda station. in maryland, i will take you a crashthe scene of musgrove road. the traffic is coming toward us by staying in the second -- in the center lane. little breezya this afternoon but it will be a breeze. is coming in the southwest will warmus up nicely into lower 60's this afternoon degrees in the district and cooler in martinsburg. and nicely,uickly 62 the high-temperature this
8:29 am
afternoon and a little bit rain byomorrow and wed.. we will be back at 8:56at oh dear... oh dear! ohh dear... i'm not sure exactly what happened here last night. i was out helping peopople save money on their car insurance. 2 more! you're doing it! aren't they doing great?! hiiiiiii!! comeme sweat with me! keep going richard keep sweating!! geico. fifteen minutes could save you sweat! sweat! fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ jean dujardin may have the best actor award last night, the oscar, but he's got nothing on you, josh. nothing at all. >> you remember that. the coaches, you, oscar winner. >> robin says, come on, get to us to the el capitan theater. you guys are doing so well this morning. >> thank you, george. i have to say when i was talking to jean last night, i was like josh/jean, was going back. he is an absolute delight.
8:31 am
the fun shifts into high gear after the oscars. we hit the parties hard last night. we're going to catch up with best actress winner meryl streep, when we take you inside tinseltown, including the governor's ball where a-listers wolfed down wolfgang puck's meal. with djkiss, jamie foxx getting into the group. we needed that. >> who will compete for the mirror ball trophy. rumors are finally put to rest tomorrow when we will reveal the new "dancing with the stars" celebrity cast and their partners right here, right here, for our "gma" dance party. lara? oh, lara? >> hey, robin, i ran across the street from where you are, the historic el cap.
8:32 am
i am now on the stage -- i'm going -- everybody is telling me to go in my ear. i'm with kelly ripa across the street. i'm with her. kelly is here because "live" is doing its first ever after oscars show with kelly. your first oscars. >> my first oscars. >> i want to know why the women of "good morning america" look so gorgeous. what is it with the skin? robin was so glowing and now you. >> it's spackle. >> i've got to get some of that. >> your impression of the oscars favorite moments? >> there are so many favorite moments. i have to say, i'm not just saying this because she's on my show today, but when octavia spencer took the stage and you saw this moment wash over her of total disbelief, i cried. everybody cried. we were cheering and screaming. i'd never met her. and i thought, how can i feel so connected to this woman that
8:33 am
i've never met before. she really makes -- she draws you in. >> she does. she's a real girlfriend. >> she is. >> that's what mentioned, you'll see her on your show today. what was that like seeing her bird's-eye view? >> there's something about seeing movie stars in their natural habitat. they're so fascinating to me. they have so much elegance and grace and sophistication. and they make it look so effortless. we're backstage. my feet hurt. i'm tripping over myself. my hair itches. and there are -- it was great to see. and when you see so many stars and at the top of their class, and we're getting them at the best moment in their life. i mean, professional life, certainly. it was just a thrill. a thrill to be a part of. the energy. >> did anybody totally leave you star struck? >> i mean, they all leave me star struck. every time you see tom cruise it
8:34 am
just never gets old. >> i know. >> it never gets old. >> and george clooney. >> and george clooney. it never gets old. >> what about the dresses? who did you like? >> oh, my gosh, i loved all of them so much. i loved robin's dress to me was -- >> robin, best dressed! >> yes, she is gorgeous. i loved michelle williams' dress. i loved kristen wiig's dress so much that i wanted to take it off her body. >> i did, too. i told her i had a moment when i was concerned for her safety. >> and all the "bridesmaids" girls. we should be in that movie. >> is there a "bridesmaids 2"? >> on the show what can we expect? >> we have lots of surprises. octavia is going to be here. the cast of "the artist" will be joining us. >> you have the whole cart of "the artist"? >> well, most of the cast.
8:35 am
the ones that are waking up. >> that's phenomenal. >> you don't know really what to expect. you don't know how late everybody stayed out. jean dujardin will be here. he really is dreamy. i butchered congratulating him in french last night. she was so gracious, he really did not care. >> you were very smart. he sayed in the same hotel where the party is. all you had to do is go straight up? >> all i had to do is go straight up. but it was so funny because i thought i would be going to bed and everything would end. no, the party raged on. and all i -- i could hear when celebrities were leaving by the crowds chanting their names. >> tell me one good celebrity story. >> i loved cameron diaz.
8:36 am
she looked really like a golden statue. she was wearing a bright gown. this gorgeous colored gown with the back, and her hair was like really fun. you know, i just loved all of it. it was really spectacular. >> what did you think of angelina jolie's dress? with the leg? >> can we do the pose? >> well, here's the moment -- can you do the pose? >> no, no, i'm backstage interviewing winners at the moment she takes the stage. i don't hear anything. i hear people going ooh, aww. i don't know what happened. i really didn't. we wrap the show. we go to our meeting. i go to the "vanity fair" party, people start asking me about the angelina jolie twitter because her leg has a twitter account now. i'm going to subscribe.
8:37 am
>> who isn't? kelly ripa, we love you. beautiful in carolina herrera. sam will give us the weather. >> from the west coast all the way to the gorgeous skies of new york city in times square this morning, let's hit the boards with the weather. look at the racine, wisconsin, that's a way to use a pickup truck. it's a little after valentine's day but it works. i got to figure out how they did that, but it works. but we've got snow coming this way, and we're going to talk about is that as the big system launches from southern california with the heavy rain in the l.a. area with mountain snow at 2500 feet. we're going to watch that snow crawl across the country. in some these cases, more than a foot of snow. minneapolis has not been a big snow season for you but you're going to get a hit. all that comes in wednesday, thursday, kind of the new york
8:38 am
city into the boston we are right at the freezing frederick but 40 and fredericksburg. will warm up into the lower afternoon and it will cooler tomorrow and expect for and b >> all that weather was brought to you by viva paper towels. if i have two favorite blonds it would be lara and kelly in l.a. this morning, oh, ladies! ♪ >> kelly was just saying the same thing about you. all right, guys. everybody watch kelly, it's the "live" after oscars show coming up next. we've got the stars, where do they go after the oscars?
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
[ applause ] all across the united states, we have australia -- i'm
8:42 am
seeing them all. after the oscars we like to party. thank you, dj kiss for that. that's what they were hearing, the celebrities. >> all night long. >> uh-huh. >> the parties of course are the next best thing to the oscars. there's the governor's ball. everybody goes right from the broadcast there. then to elton john, the charity. everybody loves to do that. probably the thing to ease of pain of not getting an oscar, getting the invite to "vanity fair." of course, hollywood knows how to party. but oscar night is unlike any other. ♪ >> it's nice that everybody gets together. >> it's going to be like a whole other planet of excitement. there's going to be things i've never seen before in my life. >> having a drink.
8:43 am
>> the accent. >> the "vanity fair" is invitation only. >> i'm trying to get in. ♪ >> reporter: with the elton john bash last night, the charity event raised more than $5 million. >> welcome to the 20th anniversary of the elton john aids foundation party for the oscars. ♪ >> reporter: do you ever look around and kind of pinch yourself? >> well, katy perry was delightful. and adam lambert. and i've never met miley cyrus. >> miley cyrus who looks like a golden girl. >> thank you so much. i chopped all my hair off. >> what are you guys wearing? >> look at these bracelets. i thought i could danger them home. >> when do you turn into a pumpkin? >> tomorrow. ♪
8:44 am
♪ all the other kids >> reporter: more than 800 people were entertained by the group foster the people. >> thanks for checking us out. >> reporter: in beverly hills, after a night of stars and spectacles, dinner cost $1,000 a ticket. for some, there's always time to squeeze in one more. >> yeah, madonna's party is the big dance floor party. i'm going to hit that up tonight. >> reporter: steven tyler, what's the best part of this party? >> you. >> reporter: oh! >> come on. >> reporter: the party's over, and to head home. >> i'm going to lay him next to me on the pillow. >> wow, what a night. tom cruise and beautiful katie holmes, i think she saw my piece on the renta bang. it and cameron diaz and j. lo,
8:45 am
it was a girl's night out. gno. we talked to her about the dress. she said, the night needs a little spicing up, no apologies for that dress. >> what do the guys thinks? >> you'll have to excuse us, it was a long night. >> welcome to the world premiere of "hangover 3"! >> yeah. [ applause ] >> what an evening! it's like me on my wedding night. >> what happened on your wedding night? >> beats me. i fell asleep. >> what celebrity were you most excited to see last night? who looked the most beautiful? >> i have to say angelina was stunning. >> i keep going back to j. lo. [ laughter ] >> all right. guys, thank you. congratulations with the big win, the muppet movie.
8:46 am
[ applause ] >> and speaking of music and song, let's cue the deejay one more time. dj kiss! more time. dj ki[ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
8:47 am
a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪
8:48 am
♪ ♪ all the kids [ applause ] >> hello! thank you, all. i wanted to come down off the stage and just say thank you. you all have been wonderful, both on friday and then coming back out monday morning.
8:49 am
i know you've been up all night long, and it just means so much that you wand to share this with us. i was talking on friday about wolfgang puck and the governor's ball. gave you a sneak peek. oh, cameron mathison got the real deal last night. ♪ >> reporter: this is it. the glamour. the celebration. where oscar night ends and the ultimate party begins. the governors ball is heaven for oscar winners, they can eat, drink and even get their statues engraved. >> can i get that guy -- >> the name on it, make it official? >> that way, you can't take it back. >> reporter: it all begins in the kitchen with master chef wolfgang puck and his team of culinary heavyweights. ♪ he may have 1,500 mouths to feed, just days before the ball,
8:50 am
wolfgang is still shopping. >> you can believe we skill need 200 pounds of this. like if angelina's going to be there, we're going to need 500, no? does everybody know what we need? >> reporter: in the blink of an eye, it's game time. >> but them in there, mac 'n' cheese. that's why we have chefs everywhere. >> reporter: just because we came to the kitchen doesn't mean we don't see the show. >> we have tv here. but not to watch all night. i know when it comes to best actor, best director, we better get ready. >> reporter: when the last statue was handed out, the hollywood and highland ball room becomes the most exciting party in town. it's been a long exciting day. my work is done and it's time to enjoy.
8:51 am
where do i start! mm. mm. and with the menu of over 50 dishes -- >> congratulations. >> thank you, wolfgang. >> excited. >> are you hungry yet? >> yes. hungry, yes. we can start drinking and start eating. >> let's go. >> this is for you tonight? >> congratulations. >> but it doesn't have chocolate inside. oh, thank you. >> reporter: we've been following you preparing for the big night, the big night sheis here, how did it go? >> it was a great night, everybody loved it. you know what, everybody is still out there. >> reporter: congratulations. number 18. >> number 18. we have the best team here. we serve 1,500 people. 12 dishes each. 12 different main courses and it
8:52 am
went flawless. a little noisy in the kitchen, but it's okay. >> reporter: and number 19 coming up next year. >> i'm going to sleep now! >> and i'm going to tell you, after 14 hours on your feet, wolfgang puck's chicken pot pie with truffles -- >> oh! >> -- it was so good. it was so good. >> and now we can eat, robin. >> our oscars dresses have been put away. you won't see me in a gym for weeks. i'm telling you i'm done. >> whatever you're doing, it worked. >> thank you, cameron. we'll wrap it up in los angeles in just a moment. come on back! [ applause ]
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[ applause ] ♪ what a party! the oscars after party. thank you. thank you very much. congratulations again. >> thank you. >> for the victory last night. >> yes, indeed! oh, oh, oh! >> and a big thank you to dj
8:56 am
kiss for the music! [ applause ] >> she's going to be back with us tomorrow because we're only just beginning. we're going to reveal the "dancing with the stars" celebrities. >> that's exactly right. i'll be here. i can't wait. >> tune in for that. it's going to be a big party tomorrow, george. ♪ >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. time is 8:56.
8:57 am
in fairfax county, dining could county supervisors are a 4% tax on meals at restaurants it would help fund projects but that simply impose the tax o beit would either have t general assembly voters in a referendum. the alexandria waterfront may a facelift so. the city council voted to approve plans that would allow to court and off the area and allow for townhouses, hotels, 5 acres of space, restaurants, and more boat access and the goal more for anallow access along the shore to invited more tourists. let's check in with lisa baden. we have pointed our neighbors road and slowing down to out of stafford to the marine base with a crash along way. slowing in 66 at
8:58 am
railsas and 123 and metro additional weight on the red line. problem at the bethesda was resolved and we to maryland traffic southbound 29 a crash after randolph road. that is difficult to get out of columbia. bright sunshine today and a the cool side but we warn nicely into the low 60's this afternoon. 40 degrees right now downtown degrees in martinsburg. 62 around 3:00 p.m. and it will afternoon and it will moral and some rain expected by wednesday. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live! with kelly" is next.
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